Is the wedding outdoors?

No, the ceremony and reception are both indoors. Our send off will be outside, but that’s it.


What is Artomatic?

Artomatic is a pop up art festival, featuring visual and performance art. This year’s is on floors 3-9 of 1800 S. Bell St and features over 600 visual artists. Learn more at www.artomatic.org.


What should I wear?

You want to be stylish and comfortable. It’s an evening wedding, but we want you to feel comfortable walking around and enjoying what Artomatic has to offer. Wear clothes that make you feel good, this isn’t a stuffy environment. Feel free to let your freak flag fly if you want, but also cocktail attire, with easy to walk in shoes works too. We love that we have an eccletic group of friends and family and imagine that the outfits we see on April 22 will reflect that. Your version of I’m going to a wedding, I want to look amazing in the pictures and be comfortable enough to really enjoy myself is great.


Is it open bar?

No, because it will be open to the public, we can’t have an open bar. Everyone who RSVPs will be given drink tickets to use at the wedding. The bars at the venue just serve beer and wine.


So, you really need me to RSVP then?

It’s helpful, we won’t kick you out or anything if you don’t, but if you want drink tickets or wanna make sure we don’t run out of food, let us know you’re coming by April 10th.


What do you mean open to the public?

Artomatic is a public event and the wedding and reception will take place in their space. The public is encouraged to come check out the wedding on one of Artomatic’s stages.


If the wedding is public, will it be crowded?

We are expecting a large crowd and there is a good chance that you may not be seated for the ceremony. Try to come early to ensure a good spot, the string quartet starts at 5:30.


How’s the parking in Crystal City? Is it expensive?

There’s actually a free garage under the building. Enter at the intersection of 20th and S Bell St. Stay to the left, to the right is the Marriott’s garage. Follow signs to Artomatic and the Synetic Theater park in a green area if you can and you can take the elevator to the sixth floor.


Should I rent a car?

NO! Everything is so close in Crystal City, parking garages are expensive (even with the discounts we negotiated at the hotels). Use Lyft, Uber and the metro to get around. If you have specific questions let Chè or Terrance know, but you will not need a car. Crystal City is a 10 minute train ride to DC. You can plan metro trips using the Trip Planner at https://www.wmata.com/