Registry Information

Being able to celebrate our big day with you is the greatest gift we can imagine. If you would like to give us a wedding gift, we would most appreciate contributions to our honeymoon and food truck funds. If you would like to make that contribution online you can do so via PayPal at this link.

We are also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and

Where Should We Go?

We are so looking forward to going away and spending some quality time with each other. Between Chè working two jobs, six days a week and Terrance keeping late night hours cooking, it's rare that we really just get to hang out with each other, without one of us racing to work or to bed.

We have taken the time off of work and are going to spend an extended bit of time together after the wedding. We don't know where we're going, hopefully somewhere with a beach. 

Your generosity will determine just how far we go, but whether we go to Baltimore or the Bahamas, we'll be sure to have a blast.

You can contribute to the honeymoon fund via PayPal here.